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Mt Vernon fishery Options
#1 Posted : Monday, April 14, 2014 4:40:09 PM
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Hi Folks , good to see everyone getting out in one form or another, and some nice fish!

I have a free day Wednesday -( Daycare for Mom Smile ), and was thinking of Mt. Vernon fishery area. I have been on this creek in Summer, tough and overgrown. Managed a couple of strikes and that was about it! That being would like to hit it all day, but looks like some windy conditions. Do you think it will still fish well? Anytime other than Summer I imagine is great.

It is a large open valley for the most part. I am getting better at streamers so it seems like a good route.

Certainly some smaller creeks in the area are a possibility too, has anyone fished the lower portion of Kittleson as it meets up with Gordon, it looks good around the first bridge , just have not stopped there yet.

Thanks for the replies, let me know if anyone wants to join up...

I enjoy trout.They are never disappointing company. They like the things I like - clean mountain streams , swift moving water, wildness. - Henry Middleton
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#2 Posted : Monday, April 14, 2014 5:25:30 PM
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I've never had much luck fishing there. Not sure if I just hit it on bad days or what. The same with Sugar River. Seems like there are better streams to the West, especially when things warm up in the summer. Kittleson had some HR work done a year or so ago, around Hwy H I think.

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#3 Posted : Tuesday, April 15, 2014 1:45:14 PM
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had one decent time there, late spring bwo (I think ? ), hatch for a hour or so. was at dnr access downstream of town. very tight for my limited casting abilities.
#4 Posted : Thursday, April 17, 2014 6:30:17 PM
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How did you do? I drive through Mt Vernon twice a day.
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#5 Posted : Thursday, April 17, 2014 11:00:31 PM
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I typically fish it in the mid-late summer. The stream stays very cool throughout the year.

The key is wet wading so you can cast from the middle of the stream for more room.

Some folks will claim this spooks the fish, but so does being 5 feet above them. I don't think fish stop feeding all day when a deer crosses the stream.

It can be real fun with beetles.
#6 Posted : Friday, April 25, 2014 3:22:04 PM
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Hi Folks,

Well, it took me week to make it out to Mt. Vernon. I waited for the better of days and fished this past Wednesday. Certainly a nice stream when not fighting the tall grasses, although they are on the way!

Fished upstream from one of the DNR parking lots and had some good luck once I switched to a prince with a small - 20 or so dropper. 4 fish to hand on that set up , until the trees stole my good fortune. All I caught were healthy browns with a couple @ 14 inches or so....These fish are strong fighters and know to go for cover quickly. Lots of stealth to not spook or alert the fish in some of the more prominent bend pools; and work to get them to hand..

Grabbed lunch and went up to the County U bridge, one gentleman was tossing dries upstream as the clouds rolled in so I headed downstream , and found my self swatting bugs about where I ended. Once again a couple of browns on a small caddis pupae, as fish were starting to hit the surface - big splashes which I kept trying to get an emerger up to them from a wading stance. This was tough work, and I tied more knots, tippet, switched more flies that I normally do on other area streams. Finally headed back up, first started with BWO, then to an Adams on the surface and the game was on....

One nice large brown on nice deep run , and a couple small ones once I waded and kept casting upstream to nice run or two through the woods. The weather change definitely is what I wanted to experience and it was a blast! Stayed longer than I normally do, and it was well worth itSmile

A few small browns out of the runs and a large pool upstream from the bridge, it gt a bit cooler and the surface activity stopped. I am quite happy and sore from this day. Tossing drys was great, and I have a picture of the nice brown with a very big tail - as soon as I can get my damn phone to download the picture I will post it!

Definitely , a demanding fishery, and requires a lot of work. These fish are smart!

Cheers, and thanks for the replies - have a great week in IowaThumpUp
I enjoy trout.They are never disappointing company. They like the things I like - clean mountain streams , swift moving water, wildness. - Henry Middleton
#7 Posted : Saturday, April 26, 2014 12:48:41 PM
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I enjoy trout.They are never disappointing company. They like the things I like - clean mountain streams , swift moving water, wildness. - Henry Middleton
#8 Posted : Monday, July 28, 2014 10:42:16 PM
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The few times I've driven south out of Madison towards Belleville, I've always liked the look of the Sugar River along PB. Now that I'm much more interested in such spots as a trout/bass fishery, I looked closer on the drive this afternoon. Lots of bends and fairly wide but no idea how deep. Access looked to be a bit of an issue (private land/no tresspassing) but didn't try any side streets. I'm guessing from what I've read on here that its not a terribly productive or popular destination.

After my meeting in Belleville, I wanted to check out a couple of the dams down river. I only had time to look at and fish the Albany dam, and while I liked the look of it aesthetically for bass, it was certainly much too wide and flowing for waders and trout immediately where I was, but the concrete pilings further south by the tube rentals could be interesting.

Also, I picked up a copy of Exploring Wisconsin Trout Streams, 2nd edition, from the public library. It didn't talk much about the Sugar either but had a nice writeup about Mt. Vernon. I will already have a leg up on the learning process from spending time with this book as it suggests flies and times of the year, something I know absolutely nothing about.

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#9 Posted : Saturday, August 16, 2014 10:22:44 PM
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I used to fish this stream when I lived in Madison. Be careful wading as there are some deeeeep holes around the limestone ledges.

The prince nymph has always produced for me on this stream.

Funny story, I. was fishing vernon creek early one morning. Was dead drifting nymphs and a beaver swam down steam in front of me. This was at the end of the drift and this beaver swam under my line and you can probably figure out what happened next.
Of course the beaver won that battle.
Right now, at this very moment, it is the latest that it has ever been.
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