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#11 Posted : Monday, February 16, 2015 3:12:30 PM(UTC)
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The new Orvis Recon is getting a lot of good press.
#12 Posted : Monday, February 16, 2015 4:17:38 PM(UTC)
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I would have to go with Bud Light- but right on Trapper with cheap beer and the Sage, also a Sage Circa…..

My two cents….

Greys Streamflex

Orvis Superfine Touches - lowered in price lately as they are introducing glass and a new carbon

Try to cast a couple of them if you can….

I enjoy trout.They are never disappointing company. They like the things I like - clean mountain streams , swift moving water, wildness. - Henry Middleton
#13 Posted : Monday, February 16, 2015 4:46:24 PM(UTC)
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I'm a bit biased here since I'm mostly a Winston guy with my graphite rods. My suggestion would be the following:

1. Winston BIIIX if you want a fast rod as you described
2. Winston BIII LS is you want a "softer" fast rod. I still consider these fast, but to put things into context the 8' 3wt Winston WT I fish a lot is about as "fast" as I like.

I have heard nothing but great things about the Orvis Helios rods, but have yet to actually cast one. The best advice I can give is to handle as many 4wts as possible and find some guys that will let you fish them a bit if possible. I seems like I need to fish with a rod 3-4 times before I know just how much I like it. I can lawn cast a rod and tell very quickly if I don't like it, but need some time on the water to see just how well I really like fishing a rod that I thought lawn casted well.
“If the trout are lost, smash the state. More than any other fish, trout are dependent upon the ambience in which they are caught… At the first signs of deterioration, this otherwise vigorous fish just politely quits, as if to say, ‘If that’s how you want it…’”
#14 Posted : Monday, February 16, 2015 7:21:15 PM(UTC)
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My 8' #4 B2x is perfect for the driftless. Two fishing buddies immediately bought the exact same rod after casting mine on the stream. It will throw small dries, weighted nymph rigs, and heavy streamers. I couldn't be happier with the rod.
NE IA Drifter  
#15 Posted : Monday, February 16, 2015 7:21:59 PM(UTC)
NE IA Drifter
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Has anyone had any experience with the redington butter stick? Heard good things with it as a dry fly rod although it's multiples below the top dollar rods
#16 Posted : Monday, February 16, 2015 7:31:52 PM(UTC)
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Buy the Echo Carbon 7ft 6 inch 3wt and a Ross Flystart reel, all available in a little town called Viroqua.

Pair that unit with a Cortland Fairplay 4 wt line and you will have plenty of cash to explore the Driftless and beyond.

NO, you can't have mine... or my Abel reel.

A few 3-4 pound Trout was caught on this rig in 2014, its a quest..
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#17 Posted : Monday, February 16, 2015 9:06:57 PM(UTC)
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trapper wrote:
#1.Put yourself on a Busch Light beer diet(or worse), save your pennies and dimes, and buy yourself another Sage One?

#2. Save and buy a cheaper rod and use "excess" cash for more trips fishing?

#3. Get out the plastic and spend BIG time, buy now,pay later?

#4. A happy medium of all three?

while were on the cheap beer topic, you can now get "kirland light beer" in cases of 48 for $22 at costco. I'm sippin on one of these bad boys right now, not bad for less than $0.50 a beer.

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- Matt
#18 Posted : Tuesday, February 17, 2015 9:53:06 AM(UTC)
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I concur with scottybs - winston gvx. Got a 5 wt last summer on closeout...great dry fly rod.
#19 Posted : Tuesday, February 17, 2015 11:03:08 AM(UTC)
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Thanks for all the recommendations! Lots of rods mentioned that I expected, and several I did not. I will have to try to find a place to cast a whole slew of these and make my decision.

Anyone cast the Orvis Recon? I like that price point a lot more than $775 and have read some stellar reviews.

Trap - You sure you don't want to give me that Abel? BigGrin That's what I would be looking to put on this anyway.

Bill - Certainly too many options, not enough money, or time. Wiggling a rod in a store can only tell you so much, although more than some may think. From there I like to lawn cast them. Any place that will not line up a rod and let me cast it doesn't get my business. It would be nice to actually fish a few of the rods I liked best, but that is not likely to happen. I have been close to buying several rods, but always have trouble spending the money because I never NEED one. Luckily my tax return and bonus are right around the corner. I've sort of been budgeting a portion of each for a rod. BigGrin

Trouts - In your opinion, how do the Boron III rods line up against the GVX? Winston was/is high on my list as a dry fly rod. I am just curious if the extra $200-300 for the BIII series is worth it. I have been told to look into older Winston rods as well. I am a little more wary of buying used rods, as I don't have the knowledge that some folks do on pricing and quality and what not.

For those who fish the GVX, what line do you use? I considered one for my 5 wt, but it felt weak. I was casting it with a GPX though, so that may have been the issue. I think it would have been much crisper and snappier with a standard SA Trout taper. It was certainly delicate and for a 4 wt, I don't demand the power that I do out of my 5 wt.
#20 Posted : Tuesday, February 17, 2015 12:51:09 PM(UTC)
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I have SA Lefty Kreh signature series line on my GVX. I use that rod for a little of everything so I wanted an all-around line
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