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#1 Posted : Sunday, July 15, 2018 12:02:37 PM(UTC)
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Mark Dahlquist  
#2 Posted : Sunday, July 15, 2018 5:09:53 PM(UTC)
Mark Dahlquist
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Very good advice. I've fished all of those streams. I fish streams with mainly chubs when I want big trout. Small streams connected to the Mississippi that is obvious too.
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William Schlafer  
#3 Posted : Sunday, July 15, 2018 7:25:35 PM(UTC)
William Schlafer
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I thought I was the King of naming streams? BigGrin

Well, none of those creeks or rivers he mentioned are big secrets. To catch a big Trout you need to figure out where they live, and how to catch them. They didn't get that size by being stupid, or living in places that are easy to get to. Local knowledge is king. You can pound any of those streams Jay mentioned all day and never come close to catching a trophy fish. It take a measure of skill and knowledge to find them and put them in the net.

I've lost track of how many big Trout I've lost because I didn't take care of my equipment, or failed to turn the fish before he bolted under cover, or misplayed them during the fight.

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#4 Posted : Sunday, July 15, 2018 11:51:31 PM(UTC)
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Attentive DTA followers know you can catch big Trout anytime.
Dirty water is great for crawler fishin. High winds made Kyle3's day with a 24
One limits themselves when only fishing Trout with only one method as the author does.
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#5 Posted : Monday, July 16, 2018 4:38:11 AM(UTC)
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Naming names is always a tricky deal. When I was in the fishing magazine business I tried to be very very careful about naming what might be small, easily over-fished or otherwise vulnerable waters. Hard as I tried though, I still fielded more than a few angry phone calls from guys who were upset that I'd given up their secret lake or spot.

One was incensed that I'd run an article about his secret lake, which only he really knew was a good muskie lake. The article was about Mille Lacs.

Another was mad that our graphic designer had used a picture of one of my Canadian Hydrographic Service maps with some red 'x marks the spot' marks on it as a background image, and showed the whole world his absolute best ever secret Lake of the Woods muskie spot. Finally took emailing him a larger version of the image to convince him that it was actually a really good walleye spot...on Lac La Ronge Saskatchewan, a 13 hour drive from Lake of the Woods...

I played hide and seek with another muskie fisherman on an off the beaten path lake in NW Ontario for two years. It was almost comical. We'd both pretend to not see each other or not be muskie fishing although we both obviously were. Finally ran into each other idling through a narrows barely a boat width wide and were kind of forced to talk to each other. Been fishing with him off an on for almost 20 years now. But even though I'd found the lake completely on my own, I'd never write about it. I always figure if it's my secret spot, it's someone else's too. Not mine to give up.

As a writer, little good can come of it, and if your goal is to educate readers, you're far better off telling them what to look for than just telling them where to go. If they take your advice they'll have earned it and learned something in the process vs just driving to a dot on a map.

Naming names completely aside - man that guy can't write a lick. If I were his editor, I'd have sent it back to him.
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#6 Posted : Monday, July 16, 2018 12:10:41 PM(UTC)
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It's bad form to name names.

As OTC states, tell the reader what conditions are likely to produce a big fish and let them apply it.

Not only will they have earned it, but it will be applicable to more than just those named streams.

The one saving grace is that these spots are often fickle from my own experience and from what others have told me. They're often not pleasing on the eye like a traditional riffle>run>pool stream will be and can be tough to access or wade.

As a neophyte, I would go to one of these and get nothing and the water would look like ass and I'd write it off as a crappy spot.

I'm sure this is a shared experienced amongst trout fishermen and most will never return to get that 20+ that lives in that "crappy" spot.

How rewarding when I finally cracked the code - on my own and through repeated forays and failures - and started to find and land these 20+ trout out of these crappy spots.

Not that I'm actually good at it, but I have a few under my belt now.

And I still prefer a pretty stream over a crap-hole if I'm being honest.

This writer is an actual trout fisherman and not an "outdoors" columnist?

He should know better.

Luckily (for me) he resides a comfortable 2+ hours away from me. My local streams get pressured enough.

Also – he spelled "Milancthon" incorrectly, so at least it can't be indexed as a spot to get a trout for your wall.

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#7 Posted : Monday, July 16, 2018 12:19:38 PM(UTC)
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I'm not sure that I'd even disclose that I had a trout on my wall in an article considering the prominence of C&R in sport and especially trout fishing these days, but he could have simply stated something like...

The stream from which my greatest brown trout came from features bluffs that meet the stream, blocking the progress of the water and forcing it to turn as it encounters this wall of stone. This creates deep cuts in these areas and is a great spot to look for big browns in the summer when the rest of the stream is warming up.

Didn't have to mention "Milancthon" at all, but his description would have brought that and a couple others that I fish to mind immediately.
“Harvest eaters... release trophies.” -Gurth
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#8 Posted : Thursday, July 19, 2018 8:05:41 PM(UTC)
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I get the angst that many of you feel when specific streams are mentioned, but Jay is a good person with good intentions. Some day WE will be the old dudes out on the water, fishing and talking in a way that rubs the younger crowd the wrong way. Like Bill said, none of the named streams are a secret. Plus, his report comes a long time from when he fished them. Productive water yesterday can be a heck of a lot different if you try to fish it several weeks/months from now.

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